Thursday July 31 – OICC call #3

Day 11: Thursday, July 31 (n=15)

  • The NML reports that there have been three new isolates that match the outbreak strain since the last OICC call. One of the new cases (from Alberta) has the same XbaI PFGE pattern, but different BlnI PFGE pattern. This second BlnI pattern appears to be related to the outbreak BlnI patterns.
  • OICC partners agree to expand the confirmed case definition to include the additional PFGE pattern. This brings the confirmed case count to 15.
  • Provinces were able to interview four cases with the focused questionnaire (two new cases and re-interviewed two old cases). Questionnaires will be shared after the OICC call with PHAC for analysis.
    • Saskatchewan reports that they will be picking up a sample from the home of the daughter of a case; the daughter of the case provided brand information upon interview with the focused questionnaire and had an opened package containing the product in her freezer. The brand name for these frozen hamburgers is “Happy Burger”.
    • Manitoba reports that they were able to interview two cases with the focused questionnaire: one case also reported eating a “Happy Burger” hamburger product; the other reported eating a “Farmer Fred’s” hamburger product. The case that reported the “Farmer Fred’s” hamburger product still had some of the product in their freezer, and local public health is retrieving this product for testing.
  • CFIA asks Saskatchewan and Manitoba to send them multiple pictures of the product boxes from cases’ homes that show all details (e.g., exact product name, lot code, best before date) on the packaging.