Wednesday August 6 – OICC call #5

Day 17: Wednesday August 6, 2014 (n=17)

The CFIA reports that the recalled products had limited distribution and all of the products in stores have been recalled. CFIA is completing effectiveness checks (inspections of randomly chosen stores that received the product to ensure that there is no recalled product on the shelves).

Samples from the two cases’ homes have both tested presumptive positive for E. coli O157:H7. The CFIA is currently testing product from the implicated lots, as well as previous and subsequent lots of both products. CFIA is also testing a third brand of products produced at the same facility; however, this brand was not produced in the same week as the implicated brands (early June).

The provinces report two new cases, one in Manitoba (illness onset was July 19) and one in British Columbia (illness onset was July 15). Both cases reported  illness onset before the product was recalled; therefore, a total of 17 cases are now included in this outbreak. The provinces agree to continue to interview cases with the focused questionnaire and share the results.

PulseNet Canada reports that MLVA results were available for 11 cases as of Tuesday, August 5th.  The MLVA profile for the one case that had a different BlnI pattern was identical to all of the other cases. Based on this information, this case remains part of the investigation.

The National Enteric Surveillance Program (NESP) reports that no new cases of E. coli O157 have been reported last week; therefore, it is unlikely that there are any isolates currently undergoing PFGE. The provinces confirm this, as none of them are aware of any E. coli O157 isolates undergoing PFGE at this time.

During the OICC call, the partners agree that it is time to decide on a date when the outbreak can be declared over and take the necessary steps to close the investigation.