Multi-jurisdictional investigations: FIORP and OICC

Multi-jurisdictional enteric illness outbreak investigations in Canada usually involve several organizations at various levels of government. In order to facilitate collaboration during such investigations, the Foodborne Illness Outbreak Response Protocol (FIORP) is used to outline the roles and responsibilities of all partners.

As there are cases from more than one province, you decide to schedule an “assessment call” with federal and provincial partners to decide if a national Outbreak Investigation Coordinating Committee (OICC) will be established to investigate this cluster. A poll is sent via email to key partners to ensure the call is scheduled at a time in which they can all attend. If a key partner is not present at the assessment call, an OICC cannot be activated. Upon discussion with colleagues, it is decided that the call will be scheduled for Monday (May 25, 2020).

Question 1-7: Who would you invite to the OICC assessment call?


In general, OICC assessment calls should include the following partners:

  • Epidemiology representatives from provinces/territories with cases
  • Federal partners
    • Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
    • Health Canada
    • National Microbiology Laboratory (NML), PHAC
    • National Enteric Surveillance Program (NESP)

Additional partners may be included as required and include P/T laboratories, ministries, agricultural departments, and local public health authorities. 

Question 1-8: You have been asked to draft an agenda for the OICC assessment call. What key agenda items would you include?

In general, OICC assessment calls should include the following:

  • Welcome and roll call
  • Review, additions, and approval of proposed agenda
  • Background and initial findings, (case count, illness onset range, demographics, available exposure information), as available
  • National laboratory update
  • Provincial/territorial updates
  • Food safety updates (if applicable)
  • Discussion of national coordination and OICC activation
  • Next steps
  • Summary and review of action items
  • Next call



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