Interpreting results of focused questionnaires

You were able to re-interview six cases with the focused questionnaire. The main results from the focused questionnaires are added to the investigation line list (Module 3 – Line list).

 Question 3-2: Examine the line list containing the main results from the focused questionnaire. What is your interpretation of the information provided?

  • Chia seeds appear to be the most commonly reported exposure – all six of the re-interviewed cases reported eating chia seeds.
  • The other suspect food items – blueberries, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, and flax seeds – were reported by three or fewer cases.
  • Three cases recalled the brand names of the chia seeds they consumed: two cases reported “Smile” brand chia seeds and one case reported “Nature’s Planet” brand chia seeds.
  • Two cases have chia seed samples available to be collected from their homes; these samples will be tested at the laboratory for presence of the same strain of Salmonella

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