Outbreak investigation report template

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<Outbreak Title>

Final investigation report, <date>


  Confirmed Cases (n= )
P/T Case Count  
Age (years)
Sex: % Male  
Best Date Range  
Estimated Burden of Illness1  
Reporting Delay (Days)
Epidemic Curve  


Initial Stages of the Investigation

Describe how the investigation started (who notified who, how many cases at the beginning, when the assessment call was held, when a PHA was posted)



State the lab information that was known for this investigation (how many allele differences, was it close to any other known cluster)


Investigation Findings

Describe a summary of findings (case findings, types of interviews, likely exposures) with supporting tables in the Appendix


Food Safety Investigation

List/describe any food safety activity and measures that were taken (food recall warnings, traceback activities)


Public Health Actions

Epidemiological Assessments: what did it conclude, when it was submitted, if the request was completed or not

Public Communications

List the public communication actions taken e.g. PHN posted


US Investigation (if applicable)

List the investigation findings in the US investigation


Conclusion of the Investigation

The outbreak was declared over and the OICC deactivated [Date]. [source] were identified as a likely source of illnesses in the outbreak.


What worked well

Describe things that worked well in the investigation (can be taken from the debrief items)



Describe things that were challenging in the investigation (can be taken from the debrief items)



Initial recommendations and those for future prevention and control should be listed numerically



Select appropriate references, including reviews in major scientific journals. Follow a standard style referencing system (e.g. Vancouver style) with numbering of references in the order in which they appear in the text



Any relevant documents (ie. Case definition, WGS tree, Tables, Trace back diagrams)


Based on multiplier for [Pathogen] obtained from Thomas MK, Murray R, Flockhart L, et al. Estimates of the burden of foodborne illness in Canada for 30 specified pathogens and unspecified agents, Circa 2006. Foodborne Pathog Dis 2013;10(7):639-648. 

Prepared by : [insert organization name] [i.e.: Prepared by PHAC. Further distribution or this information should be done only in accordance with the Foodborne Illness Outbreak Response Protocol.]