Outbreak investigation report template

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<Outbreak Title>

Outbreak investigation report, <date>


Insert short summary of the outbreak, often in point form.


How the outbreak was identified and when the investigation was initiated, including the OICC activation.

Investigation methods

Case finding

Cases under investigation for this outbreak were identified using the following case definitions:

Confirmed case  
Probable case  

Questionnaire and interviewing

Briefly describe the approach taken e.g. standard questionnaire, centralised interviewing

Laboratory investigation

Briefly describe the methods used and who performed them.

Investigation findings

Descriptive Epidemiology

Table 1: Province of residence for confirmed and probable cases

 Province Confirmed Cases Probable Cases Total Cases
P/T 1      
P/T 2      
P/T 3      

Source: Provincial public health authorities


Table 2: Demographic and case status information for confirmed and probable <PATHOGEN> cases

  Confirmed cases Probable cases Total Cases

Age (years)



Sex (male)      

Source: Provincial public health authorities


Figure 1: Number of confirmed outbreak cases of <pathogen>  by symptom onset date/week

Insert epidemiologic curve here.


Laboratory Investigation

Table 3: PFGE pattern combination by Province/Territory for confirmed outbreak cases of <PATHOGEN>

 PFGE Pattern Combination   P/T 1 P/T 2 P/T 3 P/T 4
Pattern 1        
Pattern 2        
Pattern 3        
Pattern 4        

Source: Provincial public health authorities.

Exposure History

Brief summary statements of the findings with supporting tables in the Appendix.

Food Safety Investigation

Ideally this section should be prepared by CFIA.

Public Health Action

List actions taken e.g CFIA issued recall notice on <date>

Public Communication

List the public communications actions taken e.g. PHN posted



  • summary of the major findings
  • conclusions with justification for them and rejection of alternative explanations
  • relationship of these results to other studies or investigations
  • implications of the findings
  • an assessment of control measures
  • needs for future research



Initial recommendations and those for future prevention and control should be listed numerically.



Select appropriate references, including reviews in major scientific journals. Follow a standard style referencing system (e.g. Vancouver style) with numbering of references in the order in which they appear in the text



Questionnaires and/or other survey forms

Any other relevant document