Product recall

Day 30: Saturday June 6, 2020

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is completed over night from Friday June 5 to Saturday June 6, 2020 by Health Canada. The HRA takes into consideration evidence from the epi assessment produced in Exercise 4 (Module 3 – Epi assessment), as well as evidence from the microbiological and food safety investigations.

Health Canada assigned a Health Risk 2 for the two different brands of chia seeds: “Smile” brand (two lot codes) and “Nature’s Planet” brand (one lot code), which includes all the products produced at the one facility over April 14-15, 2020. CFIA determined that the appropriate risk management action was a Class I recall to the consumer level with a Food Recall Warning. The company agreed to conduct the voluntary recall and a food recall warning was issued on June 6, 2020. Background on how the CFIA decides to recall a food product may be found here.

 A public health notice is posted at the same time as the recall notice.

CFIA continues to investigate the facility, as well as other lot codes that may be affected.

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