Exercise 3: Updated epi summary

The epi summary should be updated with the additional case information and the results of the food frequency analysis. This epi summary needs to be shared with investigative partners prior to the next scheduled OICC teleconference (June 1, 2020).

Background reading


Objective: Summarize available information for the investigation into an epi summary.

  1. Download the updated line list (Module 2- Line list).
  2. Using the information in the line list, as well as incoming information from the provinces and CFIA, create an epi summary to share at the next OICC call. Be sure to include a summary of the descriptive epidemiology, an epi curve, a summary of exposures of interest, and the food safety investigation activities to date.
  • An easy way to perform descriptive analyses is by using Pivot Tables. Refer to this Pivot Tables exercise to learn more.
  • The Epi curve exercise will show you how to make an epi curve where each case is represented by a single box using this data set.


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