Documenting the outbreak: Outbreak Summaries

Outbreak Summaries is an application on the Canadian Network for Public Health Intelligence (CNPHI) that provides a platform for local/regional, provincial/territorial and federal public health professionals to report standardized data from enteric illness outbreak investigations conducted in their respective jurisdictions.

Outbreak Summaries allows public health professionals across participating jurisdictions to monitor trends in outbreaks across Canada and provides information for use in hypothesis generation (see Module 2), policy development and evaluation, and public health planning. Participation in Outbreak Summaries is voluntary and not all the provinces and territories have implemented the application in their jurisdictions.

A description of the outbreak and key findings should be reported through the Outbreak Summaries application. Such reporting ensures that key information on the outbreak investigation is captured in a systematic way and ensures that others can access and learn from the information in the future.

Further reading: Outbreak Summaries overview

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